- Sara Guel -

If art is a mirror to the human soul, then Sara’s work is a reflection into that reflection. At once poised and graceful her feminine forms look deeper into the others’ eyes to reveal deeper emotions and sentiments. What at first seems demure and sweet upon further inspection reveals a brazenness with goading provocation. Indeed, much of the symbolism in Sara’s work derive from poems and texts in Latin American literature in which she sees reflections of herself. And so the window to the soul is not just a transparency but a reflection of the world within and without.

Using exact and technically demanding processes, the self-described perfectionist from Guadalajara creates in a multi-disciplinary approach expressing the majority of her work in painting and print-making. Studying to receive her degree in visual arts from the University of Guadalajara, her skills and work reflect that of a seasoned artist. She is also an active member of Laboratorio Mecanico Grafico, an art collective composed of art students and teachers, and regularly exhibits new work in collective exhibitions throughout Guadalajara.


PRIMER SALON DE PEQUEÑO FORMATO – 8 de diciembre del 2017, Estudio Mecánica Grafica.

MICROCOSMOS – 5 de febrero del 2018, Bruna cocina abierta. – 20 de abril del 2018, Club de Industriales.

EVIDENCIAS DE GRABADO – 9 de frebrero del 2018, Galeria I’keri.

IV TALLER DE PINTURA EN LA BARRANCA – 20 de abril del 2018, Gremio Pro-arte.

PRIMER SALON DE LA GRAFICA – 21 abril del 2018, Centro Cultural Ajijic.

MANIFESTACION GRAFICA – 16 de junio del 2018, Galeria Jose de Jesus

Olivares, Etzatlan, Jal.

SALON DE OCTUBRE 2018 – 11 de octubre del 2018, ExConvento del Carmen.