- Mario Avila -

To know poetry, life, nature, mythology and the world that binds it all together is to know the art and color of Mario Avila. When not on his many frequent travels around Mexico and the world the self-taught painter, sculptor, ceramist, muralist and engraver resides in Tobasco. He won the Painting Bienal Dr. Miguel Angel Gomez Ventura in 2011, has participated in over 80 group and 25 solo exhibitions in Mexico and around the world, and is founder of the independent cultural collective, TR3S SOLES, bringing together artists, poets and visual artists for special events around Mexico.

His is the art of tension, a constant push and pull, not just accepting light and dark but grappling with the two sides as they pull on the emotions extracting textures, colors and shapes that show the inward as well as the outward natures of life. Moving between abstraction to figurative motifs, nature and poetry are a constant as he seeks to reveal not only the duality of nature but its many complex facets.