The Collection

Our Story

Compelled by the passion and paradise that is Puerto Vallarta, the Art Boys, David E. Brown and Santiago Redmond, invite you to experience the art and artists of Galería Browne. It is their intense desire to connect the community and the world to the poetry of the colors, the stories in the textures and the narratives through every movement and gesture created in our artists’ contemporary works. It is their firm belief that art is for everyone and can belong to everyone. To further this goal Galería Browne offers interior design and art curation services, sharing with you over 15 years of experience in design and art curation. Whether it’s buying your first piece through the Red-E Club (an art layaway program) or adding new pieces to your growing collection, it is their hope that you join them on this journey to see the world differently, love each other more colorfully, resist oppression peacefully, and live life a little more artfully.