Color Trip

Curated by David E. Brown

November 1, 2019 – February 11, 2020

The ever-spinning world of color and light dances before our eyes. Close them and even the memory of the color fills the dark with light that penetrates the soul. It permeates every fiber of life enmeshing itself into the very fibers that make up life itself. Texture is the bond by which the light is bent, giving our world of color layers in which to immerse our imaginations. To wake to the colors of the world around us is to be ever present with life itself. No place better captures these colors in all their brilliance and vibrancy than in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

You see it in the everyday of the papel picados over a taco stand, on the hillsides draped in painted concrete buildings, over the water as a whale pierces the golden pink waves reflecting the sinking sun over the horizon. It is with the spirit and verve of Vallarta that David E. Brown draws his inspiration for this exhibition. From the colorful lives of the people that inhabit the city to the moments in nature that cause us to take pause and breathe, he encourages us in to take a deeper look at ourselves and the world around us through the lens of artists who bend color, light and texture into a new reality enhancing our vision of the world around us.

David’s special talent for bringing together disparate works into a color story that takes you to new worlds while firmly rooting you in this one comes from his shared belief with Marc Chagall that great art picks up where nature leaves off. In a more acute sense he is saying that art and nature magnify each other, that they are inexorably and cosmically linked in a much larger journey that can take us to never before experienced places. In essence, stepping into his exhibition is a trip around the world of color, texture, light and the wonders of what awaits when we embrace them.